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Acting is one of the most extraordinary professions.  It’s a profession that is difficult to understand unless you’ve experienced it and it’s far removed from the glamorous mirage perceived by the general public.  Actors need to stay plugged into the industry, connected to other actors and feel supported in order to flourish. 

What if you could connected with other actors and discuss any subject that was on your mind?  Those questions that you daren’t ask your agent, or that thing that happened that you’re not sure how to handle.  Or maybe you need help with a self tape, or to practice for an upcoming audition.  Or how about you being able to help others too.

At Actors Anonymous our aim is to provide a platform for actors to connect, to talk, to continue developing personally and professionally, and to share their stories and wisdom.  

We’re kicking off with our video Admissions series, chat rooms specifically tailored for your level of experience, The Foundation Academy for new actors those in the early stages, resources, discounts, and more.  

Admissions is a series of video interviews forming a growing library of content that will provide you with information, advice, stories and insights from some of the most interesting and valuable people in the industry.   

Create a profile, join the chat rooms and start talking with your comrades about any single topic of interest.  This is a safe and anonymous (if you choose) place to get opinions, discuss experiences, seek and give advice.  The different membership levels allow you to connect with other actors and match your experiences, knowledge and needs.

For those new to acting or in the early stages, The Foundation Academy is programme of videos with six modules covering: drama school; auditions; marketing; acting agents; casting directors; and doing it, life as an actor.  (coming soon)

Dive in – watch the interviews, read the blogs and join in the conversations.

Warm wishes,

The Actors Anonymous team x

p.s. Send us an email if you have any queries, want to share ideas, or just want to say hi!


Actors Anonymous founder


“When I first started out I didn’t know anyone in the industry, had little support and had to find my own way.  Even after drama school, while I had the practical training, I wasn’t prepared for the ‘real’ world of acting. It’s blooming tough!

I trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (a brilliant school) and I’m into my 2nd decade working as a professional actor. 

Alongside this I’ve worked in TV for over 15 years, splitting my time between producing and acting.   This combined experience has given me very unique insights.   

I’ve seen and experienced first-hand how isolating it can be in the acting world, especially in between jobs. When actors do get together something special happens – that connection is incredible.

It’s my aim to bridge the gaps, demystify and open up our industry, to open lines of communication, and to build a hub of positivity and support.  Because you’re worth it!”

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