"Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven".


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A series of candid chats with the industry’s most interesting people

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Have you thought about voice over work yet? Most actors will at some point, because it comes hand in hand with acting.  It pays well, it’s easy to run alongside your acting, and in our experience it’s really enjoyable. 

Jane is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to voice over. She’s literally the go to for the media folk when they need a voice, because of her experience and because she’s bloody good at what she does.   

This really is a must watch for anyone interested in VO work, or who’s already doing it.  It’s honest, current and a little bit brutal!

More information about Calypso can be found at www.calypsovoices.com

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook @CalypsoVoices




Every actor at some point (or for majority of the time if you’re like us!) has to deal with personal ‘blocks’ – those things that hold us back and stop us moving forward and achieving our goals. 

Peter has been helping actors, and some very big actors at that, dissolve those blocks and move forwards successfully in their careers. Whether it’s audition nerves, stage fright, or the ‘big C’, CONFIDENCE, he’s dealt with it all. 

Hypnosis for actors – surprised?  We were a bit too, now we’re lining up for it!  An absolutely brilliant interview with invaluable info.

Find out more about Peter and Hypnosis at www.petleyhypnosis.com

Follow @petleyhypnosis on Twitter and Facebook for tips and information.




A refreshingly candid chat with this dynamic duo, one of the most prolific casting directors in the UK, working internationally across commercials, music videos and film.   

Get an honest account of the commercial industry today, along with their unique insights and advice. What do they expect from an actor?  What mistakes do they see actors making time and time again?  What do they think makes a successful actor?  It’s all here, straight from the horse’s mouth.

If you want to get ahead with your commercial castings this is a must watch.

More info about Hammond Cox Casting can be found at www.hammondcoxcasting.com  

Follow them for regular updates and casting briefs @hammondcox on Twitter and @HammondCoxCasting on Facebook



Want to evolve and reach your full potential?  Then you need to see this. 

Performance Coach, Anna Reynolds, has become a go to for many actors. A master NLP practitioner, she has also trained in many Eastern methodologies and practices.  Her work is about transformation, behavioral change, and evolving much deeper thinking and perspectives in order to break through things that hold us back and achieve.   

The information contained in this interview alone has the potential to help you evolve, personally and professionally.  

If you want to know more about Anna see www.annareynoldscoach.com 

Follow Anna @anna.reynolds_coach on Instagram and @annareynoldsperformancecoach on Facebook




You’d think that someone who started their career assisting Jeremy Zimmerman, worked for Europe’s leading talent agent Independent, worked as head of development for Guy Ritchie’s production Company SKA Films, and who now operates as one of the top casting directors in the UK, might be a little scary!  But no, Manuel is one of the nicest and most humble people in the industry that we’ve come across. 

In this interview he shares his knowledge, insights and stories, along with tips and advice for you.  Casting stripped bare, along with its flaws, how it’s changing, and of course, how to get on his radar.

For more information and tips from Manuel take a look at  www.purocasting.com  where you’ll also find his ’21 Day Self Tape Challenge’, which we highly recommend (it’s ruddy hard… we dare you!).



Mel has become a bit of a legend in the industry having worked with so many extraordinary Actors and Directors over the years.  Some of which include: Benedict Cumberbatch; Sheridan Smith; Keira Knightly; Angelina Jolie; Luke Besson; Guy Ritchie; Tim Burton; and Roman Polanksi in different capacities.  Not only does she work with the biggest talent across the globe, but she’s taught across majority of the top UK drama schools too. 

In this interview Mel share’s her stories, tips, advice and insights into the world of acting in film and television.  We discuss the evolution of the industry and the impact on actors, what actors are good and bad at, how she supports actors both in preparation and on set, and much more. A must watch!

For more information about Mel see www.melchurcher.com & www.actingcoach.london & Twitter @MelChurcher 

Mel’s two books are worthy of a place on every actors book shelf:

Acting For Film: Truth 24 Times A Second 

A Screen Acting Workshop

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