beliefs – what’s holding you back?

beliefs – what’s holding you back?

Who’s beliefs do you hold? 

For a while now I’ve pondered over my beliefs and how they’re potentially holding me back.  I can feel there are things there – it’s like an invisible wall that you can’t see or explain, but you feel it.  Something inside of you is holding you back.  So what the hell is it!?   This weekend while at a music event at the local pub listening to the local youngsters sing their hearts out on a make shift stage with a terrible mic, something struck me.  I recalled how I used to love singing and would sing in front of my class in primary school, and in the car, and everywhere… but one day my parents, who were stressed and tired at the time, essentially told me to shut up because i wasn’t very good.  I must have been 5 or 6 years old but i still remember it vividly and how i felt in that moment.  And you know what?  After that moment, I didn’t really sing again in front of anyone.  A fleeting comment from family in a stressful moment that they didn’t even mean and I took on a belief that I wasn’t a good singer and shouldn’t be singing.  Woah!  I can now recall a number of other moments as a kid where people commented about acting. I literally could list the times people have said to me “acting is only a dream”, “how can you be an actress when you’re shy”, “you will never be an actress”…. these are comments made by other people, beliefs held by other people. BUT you have to decide what you believe, what is your truth, and not live life based on the beliefs of others – particularly not those that hold you back.

So the question now is – what other beliefs do I have that are holding me back, working against me and potentially causing internal conflict??  Time for something thinking time and some rewiring. 

Only you know what life is for you, what brings you joy and happiness, what you are truly capable of.  No one can tell you that.  And the way to find your path? Gut, instinct and through the things that make you feel happy – it’s that simple. 

Mindfulness is a good place to start.  Also, check out our Admissions interview with Performance Coach Anna Reynolds where we go into depth on this subject – it’s good!

Do it for you and do it your way ♥️

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