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We come across a lot of people we want to talk to and that we think you’ll want to hear!  More available on our Youtube channel.

Equity President and actor Maureen Beattie - one hour interview special

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How much do you know about Equity? Not only is Maureen a successful stage and screen actor, but in 2018 she became the 2nd only female President in Equity’s history.  She really knows the industry inside out and she’s working hard to improve it for you.  A truly insightful interview – not to be missed.

social media pro Samantha Baines from Penguin in The Room talks

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Whether you like it or not, social media is a very useful tool for an actor. Get your social media right from the start and make it fun rather than a chore. Penguin in The Room’s Founder and Actress, Samantha Baines, shares her insights and tips.

film director Helier Bissell-Thomas talks

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Helier’s first feature film, Kaufman’s Game, was a low budget phenomenon that has seen a sell-out cinema release and worldwide release across iTunes and Amazon Prime.  Here he shares his insights on working with actors, and his stories from his extraordinary journey so far.

actor, writer and performance coach Nick Dunning talks

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Not only is Nick an award winning actor and writer, but he’s been coaching actors for some time now through online courses, videos and much more.  Here he share’s his stories, insights and tips of course!

Nick Dunning NLP session with Lisa - AA explores!

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When Lisa spoke with Nick he offered her an NLP session there and then… well she couldn’t say no to that!  This is that very session.  So if you’ve wondered what NLP is and how it could help you, take a peek at this.

AA guides

Short video guides with tips, insights and information.  More available on our Youtube channel.

what do Acting Agents do & why are they so important?... you need them!

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As an actor or newcomer to the industry you will know about agents… but what do you know? Only experience really gives you the understanding needed – so we thought we’d share some insights and help you get ahead!

how to Audition successfully for Commercials... every time

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Regardless of your acting level, commercials are our bread and butter. They can pay a significant sum of money and tie you over to do those roles that you’re really passionate about. Actress & Producer, Lisa Cawthorne, shares her insights and tips from years spent both in front and behind the camera. Lisa share 3 key tips to ensure you are set for success.

how to land your place at one of the top Drama Schools in the UK…

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We have some of the best drama schools in the world right here in the UK, but with thousands upon thousands of applicants fighting for places at these school how do you bag your place? There are things you can do that will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest!

how to get yourself an Acting Agent

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Whether you’re completely new to acting, you’ve been to drama school, of you working professionally already, getting yourself an acting agent can be challenging. Before you start sending emails and letters, think about how to pitch yourself – here are some tips to help! .

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